Refer A Patient

At Uptown Eye Specialists, we aim to work with our referral network of healthcare professionals to provide seamless and safe eye care for our mutual patients. You can put trust in our team to provide same quality of care to patients that you do.

Step 1
Complete referral form

Complete patient referral form and fax it to us at 416-292-0331.

Allow 48 business hours to process non-urgent referrals.

If it is medically urgent, please call our dedicated physician line and speak with one of our staff to book an appointment.

Step 2
Confirm Appointment

Appointment details will be faxed back to your office.

We will confirm with the patient and send you notification of the date and time of the appointment.

If you have not received a fax back with appointment details after 48 business hours, please call our dedicated physician line for assistance.

Step 3
Consult Reports

Consult reports will be sent out within two weeks of your patient’s appointment.

Please call our dedicated physician line if you require reports sooner.