Uptown Eye Specialists

Surgical Procedures

We specialize in the full spectrum of surgical procedures of the eye, from front to back, across all ages. Our champion procedures include UltraView ReLACS™ (refractive laser-assisted cataract surgery), UltraViewLASIK™ (laser vision correction), and UltraView XLINKING (corneal strengthening procedure).


UltraView LASIK™

UltraView LASIK™ is the most advanced wavefront guided all-laser LASIK™ procedure.  The treatment begins with a detailed scan of the visual thumbprint of one's eye. This information is used to generate a treatment algorithm that is customized to the scanned eye, which drives the actual laser delivery. The result is exceptional uncorrected vision that is achieved often better than 20/20.

Frequently Asked Question

We aim to care for our patients compassionately in a technologically cutting edge environment using the latest advances in clinical research.