U Eye Laser Cosmetic

U Eye Laser Cosmetic (UELC) is a sister clinic affiliated with Uptown Eye Specialists.

UELC focuses on the duality of Visual perfection and Beauty. We do this through eye laser correction and both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures.

The staff at UELC are committed and focused on one thing - U. Clients come to UELC with the goal of seeking ultimate vision and/or universal beauty. U Eye Laser Cosmetic is a unique environment - where top-notch eye surgeons join top notch plastic/cosmetic surgeons in delivering top notch care.

Although we engage in the full spectrum of treatment - we are recognized experts in the following champion procudures:

UltraView LASIK™

With the aid of a state-of-the-art tool to measure the exact and specific prescription of your individual eye – we can address both low and high order aberrations on your visual system.  This tool coupled with a precise excimer laser in the hands of our top notch laser experts  allows us to deliver the premiere laser vision correction platform – UltraView LASIK™.

UltraView ReLACS™

Cataract surgery has taken a giant leap forward with the advent of lasers – and specifically:  UltraView ReLACS™ (refractive laser assisted cataract surgery).  UltraView ReLACS™ allows our experienced surgeons an opportunity to customize and efficiently treat cataracts whilst attending to certain refractive components of your individual eye.  Gentle, Safe and Precice are amongst the adjectives may describe your experience with this procedure.

UltraView Xlinking™

The advance technique of strengthening your cornea is of paramount importance for patients with certain types of corneal conditions (eg. Keratoconus) or for patients who have very thin corneas who are at risk, especially if they undergo a refractive procedure on their eye.  UltraView Xlinking™ is indeed that procedure that couples a state of the art laser device with an experienced corneal surgeon able to normalize or minimize progression of your thin, weak or deformed corneal shape.

UltraView DEL

UltraView DEL (Dry Eye Laser) is a unique and established technique that treats the underlying causes of dry eyes using a specialized laser platform with the following advantages of being effective, safe and natural.  This procedure is carried in our dedicated Dry Eye Clinic – a very unique in the GTA as it provides a multi-speciality approach to your individualized dry eye management.

Are you interested in take the next step in your path to visual perfection and/or beauty:  Contact UELC